PHISHING ALERT: Email with subject line: “McAfee VirusScan Plus”

by Customer Service on July 28, 2010



We wanted to bring to your attention a phishing email that some of our customers have received in the past few hours.  The email appears to come from support@networksolutions.com, with the subject line: “McAfee VirusScan Plus”.

The text of the message encourages the recipient to download an installation file for a “FREE  30 day trial of  McAfee VirusScan Plus,” and be “automatically entered to win.”

This email was not sent to you by Network Solutions. Someone has spoofed our email address and is sending this unauthorized email.  If you have received this email, please DO NOT click on any of the links or install the attached file on your computer. The links and attached file could contain malware or a virus that could infect your computer.  We strongly recommend that you delete the email immediately.

Unfortunately, phishing scams are becoming more and more prevalent on the Internet.  If you have questions, advice or ideas, please leave a comment here on our blog.  Here are some other resources where you can learn more about Phishing:

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