Practical Ecommerce features nsCommerceSpace by Network Solutions

by Shashi Bellamkonda on July 19, 2010


A shout out to the Network Solutions ecommerce customers and the nsCommerce team at Network Solutions.

Today (JULY 16, 2010 ) Practical Ecommerce published an article Cart of the Week: nsCommerceSpace by Network Solutions BY KATE MONTEITH The article features nsCommerceSpace customer, Steve Leugers. He is president of UptempoAir, a Cleveland, Ohio-based online store that sells athletic and basketball shoes, with approximately $1.2 million in gross revenue via the cart along with Navin Ganeshan, senior director of product strategy with Network Solutions.

An quote from Steve Leugers  from the article :

“Network Solutions in general does a lot of promoting of products, so just by being on the platform, merchants get a lot of exposure. The cart goes hand-in-hand with the other solutions the company provides. For example, search engine optimization is built in automatically—you don’t have to do everything manually–you put the product in and it creates the SEO-friendly URL.

“But, the speed of the cart is why I like it so much. If you check out as a guest (you don’t have to have an account) it’s the same as if you log into your account. There are no extra steps.”

Navin Ganeshan gave a few pointers on things to come :

“Another major area of differentiation for us will be our mobile strategy. We will be allowing merchants to build out mobile storefronts as extensions to their online stores. Our customers also will be able to use mobile management apps to monitor and manage their online stores.”

Please read the entire article on Practical Ecommerce.

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