.COok out – Network Solutions Herndon Employees

by Shashi Bellamkonda on August 12, 2010


Network Solutions Summer Employee cookout .COme and get it
It is the season for a summer cook off and Network Solutions employees had a .COok out  today ( August 11th 2010).  It was warm and sunny and the venue was not far from our headquarters in Herndon VA and it gave a chance for all of us to meet and have lunch with friends and colleagues. Cooking for the employees were two C level chefs, Tim Kelly the CEO  of Network Solutions  and COO and CFO of Network Solutions Miles Reidy. Did you know they are on Twitter Tim Kelly as @tkelly444 and Miles Reidy as @milesreidy.

Network Solutions Summer Employee cookout .COme and get it

See the .CO themed slogan – ” .COme and get it “.  We have been writing about the   .CO domain name that launched recently ,  see  posts below for more information

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