All About Gnomedex 10 – Understanding Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Platform For Businesses (VIDEO)

by Ken Yeung on August 30, 2010


A majority of the people in the world that have a mobile phones probably have smartphones. You know these types: iPhones, Android devices, Blackberry and if you do have a smartphone, you’re probably most likely using an app or two on there. If you’re in social media, for example, then you might have a Twitter app or a Facebook app or maybe even a Foursquare app. There are thousands, if not millions of apps out there available for people to download for free or for a small price. But while we’re all aglow over the main mobile operating systems for app development, one just seems to be emerging from the shadows, intent on making its mark to be the next platform of choice for any eager entrepreneur who is interested in creating their own mobile app. That platform? Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

Last week at Gnomedex, I had an opportunity to speak with Loke Uei Tan from Microsoft about the software giant’s latest foray into mobile technology and why entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore or even count out this new platform. You can follow Loke on Twitter at @lokeuei or read more on his blog here.

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