How on Gadget Junkie used her .com to become the Techie Diva

by Steve Fisher on August 18, 2010


According to her bio, “Gina Hughes is the founder of Techie Diva, one of the top technology blogs for women launched in 2005. Her blogs have been a source of inspiration and a guide for many women still struggling with everyday technology in the real world.” I can tell you that TechieDiva.com is one of the top tech blogs out there and Gina has become a go to resource for technology. She has been featured on media outlets including the Today Show, People Magazine, Family Circle, Blueprint, and Women’s World Magazine, just to name a few.

According to the Techie Diva site, here is the background on the site:

Techie Diva is technology blog with an undeniable feminine twist. This doesn’t mean the opposite sex isn’t allowed, on the contrary, we love men who don’t mind partaking in our fun conversations which cover everything from emerging technology to the latest “it” gadget. Techie Diva got its start in January 2005, creating a tech haven for women of all ages who want to stay up to date with technology that matters to them. Sure we talk about fun gadgets, iPods, and cell phones until we’re blue in the face, but we also love writing about practical services or killer applications we spot online. Being the complex, intelligent women that we are, we’re not afraid to indulge in our guilty pleasures, and we certainly don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Having said that, Techie Diva merges the best of two worlds, technology and style.”

Take a look at how she used her passion and a .com to create her own business with Techie Diva.

You can connect with Gina at Linked In |  Facebook TwitterMySpace Flickr

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    • http://www.fancy-lingerie.com Donna Diva

      Truly and inspiring story.. Congrats and keep up the good work. Someday I'll post a story like yours….