Join Network Solutions for a Free Webinar on Website Security

by Randall Windsor on August 11, 2010


Is your online business secure?  Now is the time to find out the facts and ensure that you are protecting your business and the customers you serve from cyber-criminals.  An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate will encrypt and protect the private data needed to process payment for an online transaction.  When setting up your website security, you will first need to know what information needs to be protected and how to meet the security standards that have been set for online business.

Join Network Solutions on August 19, 2010, at 2pm EST, for a free webinar that will cover the important aspects of security for your online store. The webinar is designed to help you learn:

  • What types of sensitive information should be protected
  • How website security works
  • Ways you can add security to your website
  • How you can let visitors know your website and their information is safe

Presented by Marketing Manager Randy Windsor, the webinar will also include input from Nick France, a Technical Security Specialist for Network Solutions.  He will discuss the standards that have been established by the PCI (Payment Card Industry), how to ensure that you meet or exceed those requirements, and what technical aspects are necessary to complete that process.

Register today and join us on August 19th for this information-packed webinar.

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