LM Organizing Solutions Finds Success by Drawing on Past Experiences

by Susan Wade on August 2, 2010


Over the last several weeks we’ve hear from a number of small business owners who’ve taken their ideas for a company and turned them into big successes.  Recently we heard from Lisa Montanaro, owner and principal of LM Organizing Solutions, LLC, a professional services company offering organizing, business and life coaching, and motivational speaking services to individuals and organizations.

Lisa has combined her lifelong passion for creating order with the skills she has gained as a lawyer, educator, and performer. Her company gives her the ability to enact positive, proactive change. Her clients rely on her for leadership, guidance, support, encouragement, and coaching.

Here is  Lisa’s story:

Reaching Out to Learn More:

We wanted to find out more about what has helped make Lisa’s business the success it is today.  She offers some great advice and tips for those just starting out and for those who have been in business for a while:

1.  What has been your greatest success so far in your growing the business from small to big?
My greatest success has been using my background in creative ways to propel my business forward. When I first started LM Organizing Solutions, LLC in 2002, I did not actively draw upon my experience as an attorney, mediator, teacher and performer. Over time, I realized that my past careers could have a dramatic impact on the way I deliver my services as an entrepreneur. Now, I actively find ways to draw upon my background and incorporate it into my present work. The result has been satisfying and feels truly authentic. It is wonderful to be able to share my talents and skills with clients in a way that makes a difference, while also knowing that all of my previous work and life experience has led me to this point.
2.  What has been your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge has been trying not to do everything myself! As a multi-passionate entrepreneur (and a self-professed control freak!), I want to do it all. But to succeed, I needed to limit myself to doing only those things that I do brilliantly. I needed to delegate and have a team behind me to help with operations so that I can be free to do what I do best. Once I hired a Virtual Assistant and a Webmaster, my business really took off!

3.  How have online social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs helped you market your business?
I have had very good results over time with blogging and social media. I get to share my content with a larger audience, and people get to know me, my business, and my brand in a low-pressure way. The result has been increased traffic to my site, reprinting of my articles, media attention, and prospects hiring me for organizing, coaching and speaking engagements.

4.  Looking back, what are 2-3 things you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs looking to grow their business from small to big?
My recommendation is to treat your business as a “real” business from the beginning. Put all of the operational procedures in place that you need to in order to have the business run like a well-oiled machine. Obtain proper insurance coverage, create a business structure that matches your needs, and protect yourself and your business through smart use of intellectual property, such as trademark and copyright. Start by “blueprinting” your business little by little and, over time, you will have an operations manual and proper protections in place so that the business runs and grows like a powerhouse!

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