One Band Living the Dream with their .com

by Steve Fisher on August 30, 2010


Ever wanted to be in a rock band? I was in one in high school and then in college. I played the keyboards so my after party was packing up all the gear with the drummer. Being a rock star is on most people’s list of “I wish I could be one for a day”. Well, the Austin, TX based band WoolGather (MySpace) is living the dream and shared their .com story. Here are the highlights:

“Since the band finally registered a .com, we have sold hundreds and hundreds of records from around the world. Our album was digitally released in September of 2009, and we only started using a .com in Feb. of 2010. We have played for over 10 years to make possible the dreams we have lived now, the clip included is from the biggest show of our lives, with two touring bands who have inspired us since we were children, at a venue we’ve only dreamed at playing at. The professionalism of having a .com website has been a huge impact on our band’s resume, and continues to be to this day, we owe our huge turnout to .com and their help making our name world-wide known. Since my brother passed away (June 2010), we have been driving our dream like never before. We have never had a .com prior to this, with amazing prices and unbeatable options for building a perfect website to represent our business, we have absolutely been impacted by having a domain name dedicated to us, and at prices that musicians like us can afford.”

Here is a video of the band playing live. Enjoy.

You can check out more videos at the site on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HowDoYouContest or at the HowDoYou.com site.

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