All About Gnomedex 10 – How Volunteering, Tech & Great Women Inspired Tech Mavens (VIDEO)

by Ken Yeung on September 1, 2010


If you don’t know Shauna Causey, then you’re missing out. She’s one of the best tech people in Seattle and she’s focused on at least three things: volunteering, technology and women in the industry. So I suppose it’s not that surprising that she decided to create a great organization with Melody Biringer called Tech Mavens designed to help empower and increase exposure of women in the tech scene.

Formerly of Comcast, Causey is now working at Ants Eye View and is always out to help connect with people and get others to give back through volunteering. In this interview, we talk about her presentation at Gnomedex and the launching of Tech Mavens. Other interesting tidbits to note are her thoughts on what nonprofits can do to leverage social media and resources that may be of interest.

You can follow Shauna Causey on Twitter at @shaunacausey or read more about on her blog by clicking here.

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