The Gnomedex fun just keeps on going as in this next video, I speak with Dave Mathews (no, not that Dave Matthews) about his latest entrepreneurial venture. Prior to me interviewing him, Dave had quite an adventure both helping startups and other businesses build their products and also creating them and now he’s back on the wagon with his next endeavour: NeuAer (pronounced new-air).

For those that don’t know Mathews, he’s been around the block a few times when it comes to being inventive and an entrepreneur. Formerly a consultant working with Internet TV powerhouse Boxee as well as an evangelist for PeopleBrowsr and also the Chief Inventor for Radio Shack, Mathews has seen it all and continues to find interesting ways to create products that people want. Perhaps some haven’t succeeded that we don’t know about, but the odds are that Mathews has proved his worth with these companies and helped make a difference. And if that wasn’t enough to show that Mathews has street credibility, when it comes to gadgets and technology, he’s right there on the forefront as a reporter with cable network G4 providing updates and reports from one of the biggest technology conferences in the world: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)!

But what brought Dave Mathews to Gnomedex and what interesting tidbits of insights & information can he leave with those of us who are trying to make it big in our industry? He shares that, along with his latest product, NeuAer, in the video.

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