Businesses of all types are always on the lookout for thoughts, insights and advice when it comes to how they can take advantage of new tools to reach out to their customers. Non-profits are especially interested because they might not necessarily have the large budgets that a typical corporation might have to run an active campaign and maximize their reach. One important resource for non-profits to look at is Beth Kanter’s new book The Networked Nonprofit. Another good resource to look at is a new video that I took featuring Violet Blue at this year’s Gnomedex conference.

For those that don’t know Violet Blue, she’s a bit provocative in what she talks about that may have some people uncomfortable with, but what she has to say can be very valuable to many people. She talks about sex. As a successful author, Blue has written about many subjects relating to human sexuality, but she is also very familiar with technology and how to leverage it to reach those interested in learning more about sex. Ms. Blue is also a certified peer-to-peer crisis counselor and works to help find the right way to reach people in need.

In this latest video interview, Ms. Blue and I talked briefly after her outstanding session at Gnomedex which garnered one of only three standing ovations from the crowd. We talk about how non-profits can use social media and new technology tools out there at their disposal versus the more traditional means like advertising. For those more controversial, but socially significant issues, she talks about her recent plights in dealing with Facebook censorship, people’s problems with talking about human sexuality and much more.

You can read more about Violet Blue on her blog here (although it might not be safe for work viewing) or follow her on Twitter at @violetblue.

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    • Selvakumar Manickam

      Information and Communication Technology has been used to empower the delivery of education. It should be no different for education on human sexuality.