How To Get Going and Get Found With Your Blog

by Monika Jansen on September 8, 2010



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By now you’ve probably heard or read in a zillion different places that you need to have a blog as part of your social media and SEO strategy.  Maybe you have one and you’re ignoring it.  Maybe you’ve just started a blog.  Maybe you’re still thinking about starting one.  (Whichever category you’re in, don’t feel bad.  I don’t have a blog yet, since I’m kept so busy writing for Network Solutions, so I am totally in the same boat as some of you.)

WordPress, which we use here at Network Solutions, also has a great guide to get you started.

Here’s my version of how to get going and get found:

  1. Incorporate your blog into your website.  It’s important for SEO for both your blog and your website.
  2. Be clear about the purpose of your blog.  Make sure your blog masthead (title) quickly communicates what you’ll be writing about; your name should also be prominent.
  3. Fill out your about us page/profile completely (including a photo).  Write a little about your background, why you started the blog, what you hope to share with your readers.
  4. Make it easy for your audience to connect with you and share your blog posts.  Include an RSS feed, links to your social networking profiles, an invite to join your newsletter, and, most importantly, social sharing buttons (so your audience can share your blog post via Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  5. Allow comments so your audience can, well, leave a comment.  It’s always nice to get feedback!  Just be sure to set aside time to respond to comments.
  6. Link your blog to all of your social networking profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. 
  7. Publicize your blog!  Distribute a press release (and post it to the news page of your website) announce it in your newsletter, in a special email announcement, and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.        
  8. Use videos and podcasts in your blog.  Not many people do, and it’s great for SEO.
  9. Post to your blog at least twice a week.  Fresh content will keep a steady stream of people coming to your blog and your website.
  10. Once you have a few posts published, submit your blog to blog directories.  (Here’s a list of directories to get you started.)   This is a really great way to extend your reach to new audiences. 
  11. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: keep your blog posts short.  If you can’t read it in less than a minute or two, it’s too long. 
  12. And last but not least, write your blog in your own voice.  Let your personality come through, because no one’s going to read something that’s boring.   
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    • John

      Great tips. Thanks for sharing. One more tip I can give is to always keep everything fresh. Aside from new posts, try incorporating new stuff on your blog.

    • http://haveadiscreetaffair.info/blog Ashley Madison

      Do you have a preference for any particular blog platform? I started out looking at Joomla but it did my head in. I “discovered” WordPress and haven’t used anything since.

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      WordPress allows you the most flexibility, in my opinion – stick with that! – Lisa

    • http://haveadiscreetaffair.info/blog Ashley Madison

      Thanks Lisa.

      Good to hear that I found the right tool!


    • Yvie Adee

      I have a fashion blog that is great but still no comments! fashionandbeautybuzz.blogspot.com