Using Social Media to Connect With Customers : Optimization Summit Dallas September 17th 2010 #optsum

by Shashi Bellamkonda on September 21, 2010


This past week Tami L Siewruk of Multifamilypro organized the Optimization Summit in Dallas Texas. I had the chance to meet many professionals in the apartment and multifamily rental industry. I always quote writer George Bernard Shaw ( para phrasing here) – You always learn throughout your life except for a short break in school. I learnt a lot from talking to attendees and other speakers  and enjoyed learning about the apartment/multifamily industry which is a space I know only as a former renter.

Top 3 takeaways:

  • Setup a listening post – your community of customers and prospects wants to talk about you outside your web walls. User reviews/conversations  will be key to people choosing your product/service
  • Social Gaming is going to be big – engaging people with activities that are fun and help them achieve a reward.
  • Think like a Rockstar
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    • Mack Collier

      Hey Shashi, great recap and it was great to see you again last week! The best part of #Optsum was that there were SO many great speakers and attendees! Unfortunately, that was also one of the problems, as it was tough to spend time with everyone you wanted to connect with. I wish I could have spent more time with you, Jason and Geno in particular.

      Hopefully we can correct that soon at the next event!

    • http://immigrationconversation.com/ MandyC

      Shashi, Thanks so much for compiling these presentations. I was only able to compile a few and send them to my friends, who were happy to receive them. Now I was able to send them your page, which includes them all. And I get to see the ones I missed. It was nice meeting you and sharing the joy of Sheraton lentil soup!

    • http://mikewhaling.com Mike Whaling

      Wow, were there any sessions that you missed? It was great meeting you … I'm still thinking about many of the topics we discussed during our luncheon. Now off to absorb the rest of these presentations!

    • Guest

      Thanks so much for compiling these presentations.

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