5 Blog Content Ideas to Generate More Revenue as an Affiliate

by Mia Vallo on October 28, 2010


So you signed up as an affiliate and placed your merchant’s banner ads and text links on your blog. You’ve generated some sales and earned your commissions, but you want more. How to do that?

Well, many top-performing affiliates generate custom content about merchants’ products and services on their blogs. This is so their readers can understand what the merchant is all about and be more inclined to purchase the merchant’s products. Plus, it helps with your natural search ranking when people search for that merchant. Free traffic that generates revenue is always welcomed!If you’re stuck on what to write about on your blog, here are five content ideas to get you out of the rut.

1. Review your merchant’s products and services:
You’re probably a customer of the merchant already, so you have some knowledge about the merchant’s products and services. It’s only natural that you write a review about your experience with the merchant, whether it’s about their customer service rep going above and beyond in helping you out, or how their service has helped you grow your business.

You can also write a simple review about what you like and what you don’t like about that merchant. Be honest; your blog readers will appreciate it. Then share one of their latest deals or coupons within your post — don’t forget to use your unique link code from the merchant or affiliate network to get your credit.

2. Talk about how your readers can take advantage of your merchant’s services:
The best way to get people to buy products from your blog is to get them excited about those products! Here are some examples for Network Solutions if you’re one of our affiliates. If most of your readers are local stores or services, talk about Network Solutions’ Local Search Visibility product and how it can help them getting found in local search engines or websites. If most of your readers are new to blogging, tell them how easy it is to create a blog using WordPress© one-click install with our hosting product. You can also get fancy by creating a how-to video.

3. Share some tips on how you can get great deals from your merchants:
You get coupon codes from your merchants every month. Make sure your readers know how easy it is to get deals using those coupon codes! You can write a simple post with the latest list of coupon codes from the merchants. Or have more fun by creating a video on how to use those coupon codes on the merchant’s website.

4. Show examples of how others have successfully used the merchant’s services:
Scour the web to find examples of how other people have successfully used the merchant’s services, and compile it in a post. Make sure you include your sources in your post. You can title it something along the line of “5 Ways to Best Utilize (enter the merchant’s name and product here).” At the end of the post, present your readers with coupon codes from that merchant with a clear call-to-action to save using those coupons.

Here’s a fun example for Network Solutions affiliates: if you’ve seen the movie “The Social Network,” you’d see that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg initially registered his domain name with Network Solutions. Another idea for Network Solutions affiliates: if you have a lot of small business readers, talk to small businesses in your network (or perhaps a neighbor) and find out if they’ve used Network Solutions. If so, would they mind getting their 15 minutes of fame by being featured on your blog?

5. Create a product comparison table:
People search everyday to understand how one product is different than another, whether it’s for web hosting or a baby toy. So help them out (and help yourself to more traffic) by creating a table that compares the various products. They can be for similar products from competing merchants or different products from one merchant. For example, if you’re a Network Solutions affiliate, you can build a comparison table that compares our various web hosting products.

I hope these five ideas give you a start in expanding your blog as a revenue generator. Remember to follow the FTC’s rules in blogging for affiliates and to always use original content so your blog content is fresh for both your readers and the search engines. I

If you’ve done creative posts to help generate more money from your blog, please do share and leave a comment. We’d love to hear it!

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