The Social Network hit the theaters today. Share your Facebook moment and win a web hosting package.

The Social Network movie trailer is riveting , viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. Anticipation is high. It’s already controversial see this Reuters story. Are you joining the crowds to see the “The Social Network” in theaters  today?

In a pivotal moment during the movie, Network Solutions actually makes a cameo appearance. On a day in 2004 that changed the future of social networking, Mark Zuckerburg (Jesse Eisenberg) registered thefacebook.com with Network Solutions. A few months ago, Columbia Pictures contacted us asking if we could replicate the Network Solutionsdomain registration page from January 2004. We looked back and found the page, and with the help of the Sony web design team, created the web page that you see in the movie.

But really, it’s not surprising that Network Solutions was there for Zuckerburg as he embarked on his start-up venture that would redefine how we connect and communicate. We pride ourselves in supporting small businesses. From encouraging our users to share inspirational small business stories to sponsoring the Small Business Success Index we are there for new companies with big ideas. In 2004, Facebook was a small business too.

Facebook has come a long way from its start at Harvard. With more than 500 million active users, it has become an integral part of our lives. We connect on Facebook—whether we are sharing pictures, staying in touch with friends and family, finding long lost high school buddies, promoting our new businesses, playing games, engaging with our favorite brands or even supporting meaningful causes.

Facebook started on Network Solutions. So we want to know, how did YOU start on Facebook?

-          What was your AHA! moment to join Facebook?

-          Who was your biggest influence to create a Facebook profile and why?

Visit the Network Solutions’ Page on  Facebook at  and tell us your Facebook story. We will select three lucky winners who will receive a free web hosting package from Network Solutions. Who knows… maybe you could start the next Facebook?

Editor’s note : Planning the next successful venture and on your way to a ‘Facebook”  like success. Make sure you register your domain name for the idea asap. Use the code NETSOL0999 to get a COM, NET, ORG, INFO, US, BIZ, or NAME domains for $9.99 w/ Network Solutions: http://bit.ly/7TI80p (T&Cs apply). Our Twitter team puts out  good offers at http://twitter.com/nsoffers or at the Network Solutions’ Facebook Page.

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