Website Redesign Spotlight Part 4

by Channing Suhl on October 29, 2010


After Wendy sent the first revision to Mike at GooseCreekMusic.com, he reviewed the changes and sent feedback to us the next day.  He decided to go with the serif font for both the headings and navigation of the site. He liked the new header with the guitar case but wanted to make some minor changes to the logo itself.  The last request was to make a slight color adjustment to the background of the site.  Mike asked Wendy to have the designer, Gus distress his logo a bit to make it look more like it was part of the picture.  Wendy and Gus discussed this latest round of revisions and were able to deliver the second revision the following day.  Here is the second revision:

Gus incorporated Mike’s feedback on the second revision.  The guitar case was moved so that the logo could be distressed and integrated more into the picture background.  The fonts were changed back to serif and the color hues were adjusted slightly.  Mike mentioned that on his screen, the tan looked a little bit olive and he wanted something with less green.  This brings up a great topic; color variation.  Colors on websites will vary by monitor and so it is important not to be too concerned with an extremely specific color – if you have a preference you can give your designer the color code but you should remember that it may look different on your user’s computer screen.  Changing the color of the promotion areas shows the tone of the new color.  Another great tip about color is to remember the color blind when designing a site, especially if your target market is mostly male.  This topic and others were discussed in the Network Solutions Webinar: Redesign your Website for Better Results Mike attended last month.

After receiving this revision, Mike was pleased with the site and had only one minor change for the third revision – darken the logo.  We have completed that change and development work is currently in progress!  Our next update will include a link to the staged website.

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