Angie’s List and Network Solutions® – Partnering together for Small Business Service Providers

by Janet Goda on November 15, 2010


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These days, everyone is looking to pinch a few pennies or, if you need to spend on a necessity, stretch your dollar.  One of those frequent necessities is the need to hire a contractor for a repair or an improvement for your home or business.  In the not-so-distant past if you needed a service you might have tried to start selecting a provider by getting some referrals from friends or neighbors.  You might have collected 2 or 3 price quotes and with a little bit of negotiating you would likely trust your gut instinct, select a contractor, and keep your fingers crossed that you didn’t have a negative experience….Fast forward to the here and now.

With technology, consumers are much, more savvy than simply buying the low cost option.  Besides maximizing the value of your George, Lincoln or Ben, you want to make sure that you are giving it to the right company for your services.  Enter Angie’s List.  If you haven’t heard (or have been lucky enough not to need an unexpected repair lately), Angie’s List (founded in 1995) is the highly acclaimed premier service review site in the nation that allows consumers like us to provide feedback on and rate the services of contractors in their local area based on the quality of the service they provide.*   How cool is that?  Real feedback!  The service providers receive letter grades from consumers for their services.  If for some reason a consumer was dissatisfied and they post negative feedback, the service provider goes into the “penalty box” until they resolve the dispute. So, prior to me selecting a service provider via gut instinct,  I could go to the Angie’s List website and see what contractors had negative feedback from consumers and also what they did to make amends, and if the consumer was ultimately satisfied.  I could compare that to which contractors had few or no dissatisfied customers.   How empowering to consumers!

Now some more exciting news… Network Solutions®, the small business specialists that we are, has teamed up with Angie’s List to empower the service providers of Angie’s List!  On November 15th, Network Solutions and Angie’s List Company Connect, the service provider division of Angie’s List are launching a new partnership.  For the first time ever, Angie’s List Service Providers will be able to get online easily with a website to advertise their business.  As a part of the partnership, Network Solutions has created multiple templates for the popular service provider types (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. just to name a few) in their own easily identifiable Angie’s List category.  These are readily available for turnkey use without technical skills required.  (although VIP Customer Support is included if you did have a question and want to speak to a representative!) Network Solutions is also offering multiple Angie’s List badges for display on a website too.

If you are an Angie’s List service provider, you want to maximize your brand reputation and integrity by association with Angie’s List.

For the Angie’ s List service providers that already have a website, Network Solutions® is offering a way to get found more easily in your local area via our Local Search Visibility product.  This product is a form that the service provider fills out about their location, service and offerings, hours of operation, payment methods, and company description.

Network Solutions ®Local Search Visibility Form

Service providers can add into their description their Angie’s List membership for brand recognition and a statement of quality. Providers can even offer an online special to new customers and then see how many customers contact you to redeem the special as a simple way to track just how much new business is coming from these marketing efforts!  Once the form is submitted, a profile is created in our ThinkLocal® directory and it is immediately submitted to hundreds of search engines, city guides, mobile applications and industry specific sites that are relevant for your type of business.   If your business expands, so can your profile by simply updating the change online and submitting it.  It is a powerful, cost effective tool for gaining new customers in your immediate geographic area…

So, before you hire your next plumber, electrician or service provider, do some due diligence.  Check them out on Angie’s List.  If you are a service provider without a website or Local Search Visibility, what are you waiting for, the competition?  Resolve to promote your business with Angie’s List and tools from Network Solutions.

Visit www.angieslist.com to do your due diligence,  www.company.angieslist.com to get started with tools from Network Solutions® or call 888.642.0190 to learn more.

*Note:  there is a membership fee associated with Angie’s List.  Visit the site for additional details.

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