GrowSmartBiz Conference "Connecting" Local DC Businesses

by Janet Goda on November 19, 2010


I planned on attending the GrowSmartBiz Conference without knowing exactly what I should expect.  As a newbie to the Network Solutions® team I had heard many good things about the previous year’s conference.  I did not enroll in the sessions this time and I was not manning a timeslot at the booth, but, opted to walk the show floor and chat with the other attendees.  The NetSol® team who was working onsite was fantastic!  Our seasoned team had a cool schedule posted where attendees could come during a specific window of time to talk to legal, marketing, affiliate program, or technical (just to name a few) to ask direct questions of the team about anything related to websites, hosting, domains, and everything small business! 

 One of the things I absolutely love about conferences is the access you have to key people.  Sometimes they are the people you read about online on the high profile pages of company websites and in blog posts and retweets….and there they are, right before your eyes at an event!  You just never know who you will run into, and that is part of what makes live events so cool and unpredictable.

Once there I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Weedon, Vice President of Business Development for Biz Connect.  Rick came to visit the NetSol booth but since I didn’t have a scheduled slot I was alerted by the booth team to catch up with him on the show floor ….

When I caught up with Rick, he told me that Biz Connect is a new (about a year old) and rapidly growing business in DC that serves the DC metro region.  Their tag line is to “Network your Networks”, meaning they connect local DC businesses in a business matching service.  They have a business database and proprietary software that helps determine matches between traits from the businesses or even the backgrounds of the people in key roles in those organizations.  The ‘match’ allows the organizations to get in touch with each other to explore ways of partnering for mutually beneficial growth. (Lead share, referrals, co-marketing, bundled services, etc.)  It is an absolutely fantastic way to develop a local presence in DC. The one year membership costs $168 and includes one Biz Connect networking event.  (a nominal investment for the potential returns!)  “If you are looking for your next business partners, strategic relationship, or business transaction, Biz Connect is your solution in the DC Metro Region,” say Rick Weedon.  For more information or to subscribe, visit bizconnectonline.com.  

It was great to meet Rick and other people who attended to capitalize on this great event.   I’m sure by next year, year three, it will be bigger and better than before and bear little resemblance to its grass roots origin last year – can hardly wait!

Image by Flickr user: Shashi Bellamkonda

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