Website Redesign Spotlight Part 5

by Channing Suhl on November 29, 2010


On Friday, November 5th the initial development of the new Goose Creek Music website was placed in a staging location and delivered to Mike for review.  Mike reviewed the site and Wendy provided some suggestions for organizing some of the content for usability.  The design process is rapidly nearing an end and everyone is excited to see a new site at GooseCreekMusic.com.

This round of revisions is for content and after a thorough proofing, Mike’s feedback was to make some minor content revisions and add some additional content to his About Us area.

The site can be seen at the staging location here!

Up to this point, we’ve focused on the design of the site “shell” – it’s important to remember that the content is at least as, and in most cases, more important.  The site design keeps people interested long enough to read the content which makes them take an action.  This phase of the process is focused on making sure that the content is making the right impression.  One of my favorite things about websites is the ease of update.  If the messaging isn’t perfect on the first try, it’s only text and it can be changed almost immediately without needing to reprint or redistribute.  If Mike decides he wants to change the content later, he’ll be able to do that and we suggest that he does often to keep the site fresh and encourage frequent visits by his users.  The importance of good content and other topics were discussed in the Network Solutions Webinar: Redesign your Website for Better Results.

Once these changes have been made, the GooseCreekMusic.com site will be ready to launch.  We’re looking forward to working with Mike on future projects to market his site online and seeing the difference a professionally designed site can make!

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