Introducing, “How Do I….?” a New Series for Network Solutions Tips

by Kate Hearity on December 10, 2010


Introducing, How Do I….?

We’ve been sharing a lot of industry news and tips for your business here on the Solutions Are Power Blog for quite some time.  We’ve seen and heard you commenting on our posts and sharing them online and we’re totally digging it!  But still, we’ve been feeling like something has been missing.  How about some tips for getting started with and using your Network Solutions products and services?  You’ve spent weeks selecting the right domain name, you’re about to register it, but NOW WHAT? How do you set up that Account that’s gonna hold your stuff?  What about that Offer Code I found on the Network Solutions Facebook Page? How do I use that?  Private Registration? What’s that for? How do you link up with that nsHosting package? Setting up that emailbox? What about using Outlook?  Setting up nsMail on your iPhone? All those questions can be overwhelming- especially when you’ve got your day to day business operations to take care of!  But never fear- the How Do I…? Series is here!

How Do I…? is a bi-weekly series that will cover your most commonly asked questions and tips for working with your nsProducts!


In addition to all the great stories, tips, and small business news you get here on the Solutions Are Power Blog, there are also some great resources available at http://www.networksolutions.com to help you with your Network Solutions products and services!

  • The Online Support Center: Help is available for all of your existing Network Solutions products and services right here!  You can access step by step instructions for certain tasks, video tutorials, or even open a Support Ticket from the Online Support Center.
  • The Education Center: Articles covering everything from Online Basics like finding the right domain name, learning about webhosting, and building a website to more advanced topics like marketing, selling online, and online security can be found in the Education Center!

I’m excited to add the How Do I…? Series to that list.  So, now it’s your turn.  Have you got a topic you’d like to see covered?  We’re listening!  Post a comment below or tweet us @netsolcares (be sure to include #nsHowTo) and maybe your topic will be posted right here next time!

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