Leadership for your Small Business—Think with the Glass Half-Full

by Shashi Bellamkonda on December 2, 2010


Hope you will join us for the #netsol Tweetchat on Dec. 9, featuring Terry Starbucker, (@starbucker) renowned leadership blogger and co-founder of SOBCon. Terry  speaks and consults on leadership strategies and tactics that we know will resonate with small business owners. He is an incredible resource and thought-leader. Joining the tweetchat is fun – we try to hold it as close to lunch time as possible and you just need to follow the hashtag #NetSol on Twitter.

WHAT: #NetSol tweet chat on leadership for your small business.

WHERE: http://tweetchat.com/room/netsol

Please note: This chat occurs online, not at a physical location

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 9, 1-2:30 pm EST

HOW: Log in to Twitter and follow the hashtag #NetSol.

Click here for more information on how to join a tweet chat.

To gear up for the tweet chat and start thinking about your leadership skills, we’ve selected a few of his recent posts we think you’ll find interesting. Enjoy!

To Yell or Not to Yell, That Is The Question (And 5 Things To Think About Before You Answer It)- Often, we see yelling as demoralizing and painful. But, if done correctly, yelling can spark inspiration and lead to better performance. Terry takes a look at both situations, and how yelling actually can be used as an effective leadership tool.

On Your Leadership Journey, What Memories Do You Toss and Which Do You Keep?- We all have memories from our careers. Some make us cringe, and others that make us proud, even boosting our egos to dangerous levels. In the end, it’s the accumulated wisdom that creates who we are, not certain memories we look at one at a time.

Why Hiring Is Like Playing Blackjack, And 3 Rules To Increase Your Odds of Success- Terry’s tips for hiring are invaluable. Never be afraid to hire someone smarter than you, find people who have the courage to express their opinions and hire people who set high goals and standards… and are the first to tell you when you aren’t hitting them.

Also watch this down to earth talk Terry Starbucker gave at Sobcon 2010

We hope you can join us on Dec. 9 for some useful take home leadership strategies you can apply to your own small business.

Image by Flickr User chrisbrenschmidt (Creative Commons)

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