Step 3 – Create a Custom Welcome Tab for Free without HTML or FBML

by Munish Gandhi on December 27, 2010


This is #3 in a series of articles on getting started marketing your business on facebook – a series we’re calling “‘Tis the season to be social

What is a Welcome Tab?

As the owner of your very own corner of Facebook Pages, you want to make it stand out from the rest. How can you build your Fanbase through Facebook when it already does a great job of making us all look the same?

A Welcome Tab allows your new visitors to learn about your product & services and are nudged to like you. For example, check out how the Welcome Tabs of big brands like BMW and Red Bull nudge their visitors to like them.

In Day 3 of our series “‘Tis the Season to be Social“, we will walk you through the process of creating a Welcome Tab for your business.

With the help of  Hy.ly, you can make a great first impression by creating your own personal greeter. This is done through the simple process of using a Welcome Tab app to create a landing page for your visitors. Its intuitive wizard guides you along & publishes without the need of coding or FBML so that you may spend more time on what’s important, building your Fanbase.

Get Started

Welcome Tab Step One You can try the Hy.ly Welcome Tab app for free for a limited time.

You can begin the simple process by going to Hy.ly & logging in with your Facebook account. Click on TRY NOW to get started. Here is where the fun process of creating a personality for your brand begins. Under the Design column, you have your tools that will affect the Live Preview to the right of it. There you can instantly see how your Welcome Tab will look like when it’s ready to be published.


Welcome Tab DesignYour first order of business is to review Facebook Pages you hold its administrative privileges to select the publish location. Next you can select from pre-designed themes that best complement your personality or brand.

Now onto making it about You. Under Branding, you may upload your Logo, Background Image, & Welcome Image. Hy.ly tries its best to format content to look exactly how you intended, but for best results, it’s good practice to have content pre-formatted to the guidelines specified so as to avoid warping or stretching your brand content. After that, you may pick & choose which color combination is best suited for your content. The control is in your hands.


Welcome Tab DetailsSo we’ve just laid out your personal style to grab your new visitors’ attention. Now it’s time to greet your future Fanbase.

Here you decide in what tone you want to greet your fans, message details, web address, & a little about your organization. Different messages are different lengths & they affect the overall aesthetic & tone of your Welcome Tab. Don’t assume that you will instantly grab your readers’ attention by shouting in the biggest possible font size or cramming it with copy. Play with variations to achieve a professional & engaging  tone that is confident & in control of its message.

Social Sites

Social SitesAre you a one person show or a full staff business? Hy.ly lets you choose which social networks to include in your message & optimize your network presence. Simply plug in the information of the URL to your other networks & Hy.ly does the rest.


Welcome Tab LikeYou’re almost there! At this point your campaign has been completed & is ready for publication. Here you have the option of paying for the service with a monthly or yearly subscription. However, your HyPoints may also come into play when you “Like” its other apps to redeem them so that you may PUBLISH.


Now that you have allowed Hy.ly to Publish on your Facebook Page, it’s time to let everyone know! Don’t be shy, you worked fun to create your greeting. Hy.ly encourages you to promote via Facebook Wall posts, Twitter & email.
Welcome Tab Promote

Final Step: Set a Default Tab

Congratulations! You have just learned how to design your very own Welcome Tab app.

Now, there is one last step to set the Welcome Tab as your Landing Page. Do this by navigating to the Account button, Manage Pages, Go To Page, & Settings. As the View Settings section appears, you’ll notice the second set of options is the Default Landing Tab. Select Welcome & there you have it. Delicious as pie. You have now not only set the groundwork to build your Fanbase, but have also made it easier for new visitors – that haven’t yet become your fans – to receive their first great impression about your business!

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*In the interest of full disclosure, Hy.ly provides certain complimentary services to Network Solutions.

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