‘Tis the Season to be Social

by Navin Ganeshan on December 20, 2010



What are your plans this holiday season?   ’Tis the season to be social in more ways than one.  Follow us, and use some of your down time this holiday season to get started marketing your business on Facebook.

Before you know it, it will be 2011 and you’ll wonder how the time flew by.   Yes, it is the season to spend time with family, long anticipated (or dreaded reunions), getting trounced at Xbox Kinect by your nephews,  quality time in the returns line,  and all the other things that make the season special.    

But this year, you can sail into the new year with more than just happy memories and a couple of extra inches on the waistline.  Check in with us every day during the holidays, for just an hour or so – maybe when the xbox overheats or the family squabbles break out – and we’ll help you make the holiday season more fulfilling.

Over the next three weeks, we will help you get your business the “social love” it deserves.  We’ll be your guide and your personal trainer – y’know, a lot of carrot and maybe a little stick.    Each week will consist of multiple blog posts on tips and tools, and a final homework assignment for the weekend that will encourage you to put your new-found knowledge to good use, by really getting social.

We’d like to recommend Hy.Ly (pronounced “Highly”, as in Highly Recommended, which they are!) – good people, cool tools.   So, here’s the schedule:

Week 1 – Establish your Facebook Presence

Get your profile created, and learn how make it pop.  And then get going with tools and tips for making frequent updates.  At the end of this week, facebooking for business will seem as natural as your first cup of coffee, and just as addictive.

Week 2 – Engage and Acquire (new customers, that is)

Claim your “place” on Facebook and find out what the big “deal” is.  Learn how to optimize new Facebook features and apply cool new tools for creating coupons and offers to attract customers.    At the end of this week, you’ll be giddy with all the marketing power you have.

Week 3 – Go Viral

Learn techniques for maximizing your exposure through your network.  Use tools like sweepstakes to attract attention.  At the end of this week, you’ll be well on your way to social-marketing nirvana – getting more likes and shares and clicks than you know what to do with.

And you’re not alone.  We are profiling three small businesses who will be following the program and checking in on them periodically and reporting on their progress.  Brandywine Interiors, Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care and Rangoli restaurant

So put your helmet on, belt up, ease it into “D” and hit the gas.   Keep an eye out for reindeer, but enjoy the drive.  It all starts tomorrow.

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