Website Redesign Spotlight: See the New Site!

by Channing Suhl on December 28, 2010


This month, Goose Creek Music launched their new website.  We included analytics tracking code on the site so that Mike will be able to see how his site is performing and where he needs to make changes.  After the site design and content had been integrated, Gus showed Mike how to maintain his site using Joomla!. Mike was then able to add more pages and content to the site on his own.  He will be able to continue maintaining the site and was very excited to be able to make frequent updates.  The initial redesign process has been completed and the site has been released to Mike at Goose Creek Music.  The new site is available at GooseCreekMusic.com.

Now that the site is live, it’s important that the content is updated on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and to provide more text for search engine spiders to index for search results.  If Mike needs help improving these rankings, we offer services that will help him market his site successfully online!

We’re excited that Mike is so pleased with the new site and comfortable making changes himself but we’re happy to help him make changes later if he finds himself too busy running his successful business to maintain his site.

Thanks for following along during for the redesign of the Goose Creek Music website.  To find out how Network Solutions can help you redesign your own site, contact us today!

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