Countdown to the Big Game: Super Bowl is interesting even if you are not a hardcore football fan

by Shashi Bellamkonda on January 30, 2011


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Big Game is an event enthusiastically awaited by a huge audience of Football fans and other merry makers


I am not a huge sports watcher and that may come from spending a good amount of the early part of my life in India where I played soccer (we called it football) and had no exposure to American Football.  I pretty much learned how important Super Bowl was when a restaurant I was working at had almost zero customers physically present but a lot of carry out orders on Super Bowl night.  Since then I have watched every Super Bowl and realized it is not for just hardcore Football fans. It is great entertainment and no wonder it has the highest TV viewership of any event.  Washington Post reports that Super Bowl XLIV had a viewership of over 106.5 million and everyone is eagerly looking for an increased viewership this year as well.

Don’t forget everything is ‘Big’ in Texas. The number of folks lucky enough to actually be there physically could be setting a new attendance record.  The Star-Telegram reports:

“Although the NFL emphasizes over and over that seating arrangements for next Sunday’s Super Bowl are still being finalized, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said Thursday that “about 105,000 or so” people are expected to be at Cowboys Stadium, which, of course, would set a new Super Bowl attendance record.”

In any case this is good business for all. According to a new survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, conducted by BIGresearch, the average consumer is expected to spend $59.33 on game-related merchandise, apparel and snacks, up from $52.63 last year. Total Super Bowl spending is expected to reach $10.1 billion. We hear TV sales are going up big time.

A tip from Consumer  Reports “looking for a Super Bowl deal on an HDTV only to find the pickings slimmer than Nicole Richie after a three-day fast, we have another suggestion: Try substituting the term “Big Game” for “Super Bowl” in your search engine.”

Media Post has a article headlined “Super Bowl parties may hit a new record” states:

“Still, less than half of those who will view the game — 47% — think football is the most important part, with 26% admitting they like the commercials best, 20% conceding it’s just a nice excuse to socialize, and 8% showing up for the halftime show, reports NRF.”

As the big day gets closer, marketers are piling on the press releases. Chevrolet will give the game’s MVP, determined by a media panel and fan vote, a 2011 Camaro Convertible. General Motors’ OnStar will direct traffic. And Wingstops hopes to sell a record-breaking 5 million wings.

Oh, not to forget the commercials. See what the National Retail Foundation Survey with  BIGResearch found :

“As for the entire game-watching experience, nearly three-quarters (74.9%) of viewers say they see the commercials as entertainment. Some viewers aren’t as keen though, with 17.0 percent saying advertisers should save their money and pass along savings to shoppers and 9.5 percent saying it makes the game last too long”.

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