Step 4 – Claim a Facebook Place For Your Business

by Munish Gandhi on January 7, 2011


This is #4 in a series of articles on starting to market your business on Facebook – a series we’re calling “‘Tis the season to be social

To claim your business location with Facebook places, you have to first go through a verification process.

Find your business on Facebook

First, type in your business name into the search box at the top left of  your screen.  If your business’s place already exists, click on it to open the page.

Verify using Is this your business? link

On the left side of the screen you will see a “Is this your business?” link.  Click the link and it will direct you to a claiming flow where you will be asked to verify that you are the owner.  (Facebook will have you verify via phone or document verification.)  Once your claim is verified, you will be the owner of your Place on Facebook.

Create a new place if there is none already

If you have typed in your business name into the search bar and see no results that align with your business, you can then create a new Place for your business.

I guess Facebook’s assumption is that all business owners have a smart phone because there is no other way to create a Place without a Facebook app enabled device.  Therefore, if you do not own a smart phone, with the capability to check-in to Facebook Places, you may have to beg, borrow or steal one in order to create a Place for your business.

Check-In with your smart phone

The screen shots included for the rest of this post are shots from my iPhone taken while trying to check in and add a Place to Facebook.

First, open your Facebook app on your smart phone and tap the Places button.

“Check In”

After opening the Places, you will see a list of your friends and the Places they have checked in to recently.  Tap the “Check In” option at the top of the screen.

Search for your business name

For this step, it is wise to actually be AT your place of business when checking in.  Facebook will automatically find your location and tag your Place as wherever it locates you at the moment along with giving you suggestions of places nearby that you may want to check in to.

In the search box, type your business name.  It, of course, will not come up.  If it does, go back to Facebook.com and claim your business as explained above.


After not finding your business listed, it is time to add it.  Simply tap the “Add (your business name)” button.

Fill in the details

Facebook will automatically drop a pin on the map according to where you are standing when you add your Place.  Add the details of your business then tap the “Add” button and you have successfully added your business to Facebook Places.


After all that work, the end is now in sight but it’s not over yet.  The good things in life are worth working for, right?  Now that you have added your Place to Facebook’s database, you then have to go back to Facebook.com and claim your Place as mentioned in the first two points of this post.

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