Over the holidays we worked on a post for  SmallBizTrends.com on Top Website and Website Design Trends for 2011, if you remember last year we did the Top Web Design Trends For Small Business In 2010 .

Winning Combination
Two things that are standing out about  Small Business and their web presence.

  1. The Small Business Success Index results showed that only 53% of the Small Businesses have a web presence.
  2. Chris Anderson Editor of Wired and author of the book Free: The Future of a Radical Price (Hyperion. July 7, 2009) and the conference keynote speaker for the first GrowSmartBiz conference  said “Because the moment you start a web site you are a global company.” (paraphrased)

For businesses that do not yet have a website we had said in 2010 their goal for having a website should be:

  • Discovery: Make sure your business can be found on the internet by users searching online for a business in search engines, maps and local
  • Engagement: Save your customers time by providing them an easy way to get information on your business
  • Sales: Get sales and leads from engaged visitors
  • Service: provide information and tools for website visitors who have already made the purchase

For 2011 we had some excellent input from my colleagues Rick Wilhelm, VP of Engineering at Network Solutions,  Chief Web Designer at Network Solutions, Bob Kohute, Lynne Brehmer, Principal Design Services at Network Solutions, Roy Dykes, Product Manager at Network Solutions and John Steedman, Principal, E-Commerce Products, at Network Solutions and focused on flexible websites, mobile commerce, social shopping, security and short content and website analytics.

Head over to Smallbiztrends.com to read the  article. Also, watch for Network Solution’s next Small Business Success Index at GrowSmartBusiness.

Image by Flickr User Kevin H. (Creative Commons)

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      A website really is a brand's first step into reaching a global audience, which is why it is necessary to build a formative and competitive site. Don't just create one, make sure it's going to invite consumers and help you have a bigger prescence in the industry.

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    • JanRossiCO

      “Get sales and leads from engaged visitors”. Hmmm I think I expected more from a blog by Network Solutions. This just seems to be an empty post just to throw links around. Ok, I guess. It's an easy trap to fall into when you can't think of material. But there is so much to talk about! More juicy posts with great content pleeeeeeze Network Solutions? thanks!

    • http://www.shashi.name/ Shashib

      Hi Jan,

      Good point , I should have made the purpose of the post clear. We did a trends post for SmallBiztrends.com and wanted to point our readers here to the post http://smallbiztrends.com/2010… as well.

      A little updating is due here and next time I will work on making it clear. Hope you will read the original post and give us your feedback as well.


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    • Jeff

      I have been a Netsol customer for approx 4 years. I have finally had it. I rarely need to actually go to the site to get my mail, but when I do its always a nightmare. One re-occurring problem is that after I sort my mail by 'size', i cannot delete one item at a time. It is the most annoying issue. So I have taken to clearing my whole inbox at one time in order to free up space. BUT, I do not want to be doing this. So…GOOD BYE Netsol. Your service has been terrible. I have no regrets about leaving. As a matter of fact, I cant wait!

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      Hi Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear you've had such frustrations. I've passed your comments on to our Customer Service team who will be in touch. – Lisa

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      The trending part when it comes to web design is to deliver a good sales and leads. That's the most important part for every site that deals with business.

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    • http://www.graphic-design-india.com/ Jayati

      For every company a website is necessary as it promote its business and make it popular in various search engine. It is used as branding a company.