Are you following the escapades of Go Granny on Twitter?

by Lisa Byrne on February 5, 2011


Did you miss Go Granny’s escapades on Twitter yesterday? Well we’ve got more coming at 3:00 PM EST today! Follow @Go_Granny and her hilarious antics as she invites notable online personalities to join her for her own Super Bowl party! Here’s what went down yesterday:

@Go_Granny 1st of all, drop EVERYTHING and watch my vid. http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

@Go_Granny 2nd of all I’m expecting to hear from the fellas at #sb45 any minute. (Did you see my vid? http://Bit.ly/gogranny) #gogranny

@Go_Granny 3rd of all, to celebrate my comeback, I’m throwing a huge shindig after #sb45. Wanted to invite my sweeties out there! #gogranny

@Go_Granny Thought it might be a tweet up too (got the lingo down) #gogranny

@Go_Granny  Def. inviting my social media expert rockstar guru swami friends. Met ‘em @blogworld 2010… I think? #gogranny

@Go_Granny  Anyways, I called everyone a few times a day, probably 30-40 times, and all of a sudden their  phone #s stopped working #gogranny

@Go_Granny #weird. Meant that for the last tweet. Argggh. Check out latest video PS: http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

@Go_Granny So i was spazzing bout about how the heck to get them to my party and then i thought GEEZ, i should just use twitter. #gogranny

@Go_Granny so i’m going to be tweeting some super personal messages to all my faves for ther next couple of days.  #gogranny

@Go_Granny Party will be crazy I have boxed wine and champale. Party will be planned by the peeps from MTV super sweet 16 #gogranny

@Go_Granny  Don’t forget 2 @reply 2 RSVP!! See vid: http://Bit.ly/gogranny u kno u wanna come! #gogranny

@Go_Granny  nice folks  at @netsolcares are spreading the news too 2 help get the word out. Shoulda gone with them in the first place. #gogranny

@Go Granny Party will be wild. Can’t wait to see @rainnwilson on my stripper pole!! He’s a HoTTTie always liked Dwight the best. #gogranny

@Go Granny  ✿.。•◦❀ Go go FLOW➠er power!! ❀◦•。.✿ Did u check out the vid? http://Bit.ly/gogranny

@Go Granny  Also, @rainnwilson, plzzzz come because ppl say i look just like A 20 yr-old version of @cloris_leachman #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@rainnwilson i heard you have a thing for her. You can’t hide from me. #gogranny

@Go_Granny They tell me my video will go viral. I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means. C 4 urself http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

@Go_Granny also exclusive tip from me: Need someone to talk 2? call @zappos at 1-xxx-xxxx i talk to them for hours everyday. #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@zappos HOTline Doesn’t cost a penny and they always meet my neeeds… know what I mean? *wink.wink* #gogranny

@Go_Granny Pole dancing is great, especially when you have a young stud to help you out of difficulty. Right @vegasbill and @24k? #gogranny

@Go_Granny lovveee catching up with my girl @dooce, but she is on a beach somewhere with her hubby. #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@dooce True life: I’m a public farter too. Actually I’m a twitter farter. Pffftttrrghhffft. Peeeeeeyou! #gogranny

@Go_Granny So, @dooce ur on vacay, so you won’t be at the party. I didn’t like you THAT much anyways. I heard u farts in public. #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@peeweeherman loved ur performance in Big Top Peewee. A+. Wanna see a gr8 classic? http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@peeweeherman. Come 2 party. That black, slick hair. I’ll sing my little song 4 u. Hear it: http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

@Go_Granny dear @mindykaling want some apple pucker? Seems like it would be up ur alley. Pls bring @Bartonsmart to party. I like him. I like him ALOT. He can stay over. #gogranny

@Go_Granny Oh and also also, @mindykaling, make sure to bring an advance signed copy of your new book thanks. #gogranny

@Go_Granny (I need it for my side eBay business)#gogranny

@Go_Granny Crap, shouldn’t have tweeter that. #gogranny

@Go_Granny FOrGeT that last tweet @mindykaling!! #gogranny

@Go_Granny @jeffpulver oh you. oooh you naughty, naughty thing. You wouldn’t miss my party for the world. Not after… You know #gogranny

@Go_Granny HAve to say @adamlambert ur voice is sweeter than my cousin lucas’s. #gogranny

@Go_Granny .@adamlambert Come on over and i will treat you to some very special tunes in my white baby grand. *winkywinkwink* #gogranny

@Go_Granny as @olivianj once said Let me hear your body talk. Yes @adamlambert, I mean you.. feeling a little tingly? #gogranny

@Go_Granny Zoinks! Computer time is almost up… Credit card declined. Crap. gotta call diner’s club #gogranny

@Go_Granny  . I’ll be twittering tomorrow at 3 to invite more peeps! aasfjkpbsrlfubjkbskm SEE VID!!! http://Bit.ly/gogranny #gogranny

…and if you haven’t see it yet…

Photo Credit: Bret Hartman

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