Count Down to the Super Bowl: There was no Social Media when the Wardrobe Malfunctioned

by Shashi Bellamkonda on February 1, 2011


You can say I am looking forward to Super Sunday and the Big Game and have been watching the non sports related conversation about the Super Bowl. I was thinking about the “wardrobe malfunction” incident of 2004 and how during those days there were few real-time public conversations and Twitter and Facebook did not exist. I was actually watching that half time show and did not see anything (granted my TV was very old) and only heard about the incident on the radio the next morning.

Time has changed,  believe me seconds after anything malfunctions you can be sure to hear it on Twitter, Facebook or the thousands of social networks you can find in the “Conversation Prism”. In fact you do not have to wait till Sunday for the excitement to begin. I classified the  conversation I have been watching on social media channels  into these buckets:

  1. Sports conversations from hardcore football fans
  2. Groupies following the teams movements
  3. Super bowl commercials
    1. Talk about ads that you can see during the Big Game on TV
    2. Watch ads about the ads that you can see on Super Bowl night
    3. Hype about ads that were rejected see this Business Insider article by Dashiell Bennett
    4. Analysis of the Super Bowl videos
    5. How Super Bowl is becoming the Social Bowl
    6. Food and parties during Super Bowl. I was fascinated by  the conversation around the hashtag #BowlBash. My friend Katja Presnal Community Director of @CollectiveBias lead me to a recipe for avocado chocolate mousse

Susan Gunelius, who we are honored to have on the Network Solutions Social Advisory Board, wrote this article today on Entrepreneur - What You Can Learn from Super Bowl Ads: Marketing tips from popular commercials, past and present. I like what Susan Gunelius  says “The right message, at the right time, in the right place, and to the right audience can’t fail. If you know your product is great, go big — or go home”.

So if you are a Small Business take action now, create an event around the buzz, or join the conversation and add your opinion, write a blog post. What are you planning to do for your business this week?

We are always thinking about how to make friends and welcome new customers and Super Bowl gives us that opportunity. See my post from 2 years ago Super Bowl Ads: Twitter and Friends and also come back here for excitement starting Friday evening!

Update : Curious about the most viral videos this week. See this chart of the top videos that went viral from Irina Slutsky of Adage.

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