Domain Validation SSL Certificates Now Available

by Monika Jansen on February 8, 2011


Introducing…drum roll please…a new domain validation SSL certificate called the nsProtect™ Secure Xpress Certificate.

According to a survey conducted by McAfee, 63% of consumers won’t place an order on a website that doesn’t display a trust mark or security policy.  A secure website, therefore, means more customers and more sales for you.  That’s where our new domain validation certification comes in.  For the very budget-friendly price of $39.99/year (for a 4 year term), you can secure your website visitors’ information, customers’ information, and all e-commerce transactions and be recognized as a trust-worthy—and legitimate—company that cares about its customers.

The nsProtect™ Secure Xpress Certificates provide 4 outstanding features:

  1. Your business credentials will be validated and your certificate issued in just minutes.
  2. Super high level of data encryption (up to 256-bits), which is the same level as our other SSL certificates.
  3. A $10,000 relying party guarantee provides assurance to site visitors that their transactions are protected.
  4. A full validation of your business credentials proves to site visitors that they are on a legitimate site and they can transact with confidence.

Your customers will have 3 visible notices of your security: the https address bar, clickable security seal issued by Network Solutions on your website, and Network Solutions lock displayed in the address bar.

Sign up today!  [Not sure where to hyperlink to?  This is the main page: http://www.networksolutions.com/SSL-certificates/index.jsp?siteid=515&channelid=P90C515S500N0B11A1D333E0000V197]

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