How Do I… Transfer My Domain to Network Solutions?

by Kate Hearity on February 9, 2011


If you’ve been thinking about transferring your domain to Network Solutions, now is definitely the time.  There’s a special discounted rate available through March 1, so you can transfer your domains to us for only $9.99 PLUS we’ll run through the process right here to make it as easy as possible!

Transfer to Network Solutions for $9.99 through March 1!

Yes, you heard right; we’ve got a very special offer available to welcome you to Network Solutions right now!  Through March 1, you can transfer your domains to Network Solutions for only $9.99 and we’ll extend your registration free for 1 year.  All you need to do is redeem this offer code when you submit your Transfer Request:


This offer code is valid for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, and .US domains!

Before You Transfer: Helpful Hints

Transferring your domain can seem like a very intimidating process, but if  Go Granny can do it, so can you!  And we’re always here to help!  Before you submit your transfer request, there are some things you’ll need to confirm with your current Registrar before you transfer to help ensure success!

    1. Confirm that the domain is UNLOCKED.  (To unlock your domain, contact Customer Service at your current registrar and ask them to unlock your domain name OR you may be able to login to your current Account with them to turn off the lock feature.)
    2. Get the Authorization Code for the domain (The Authorization Code is required to transfer.  I prefer to get this code BEFORE I submit transfer orders, but you are able to submit a transfer order without it and enter it in Account Manager later.  Just remember- your transfer will not complete without it!)
    3. Make sure the WHOIS Administrative Contact’s email address on file at your current Registrar is correct!  A transfer confirmation email will be sent to the administrative contact from Network Solutions once a transfer request has been submitted. The administrative contact must confirm the domain transfer via a link in the email.You can see what the WHOIS Administrative Contact’s email address currently is by searching for the domain in the WHOIS Database

How Do I… Submit the Transfer Request?

    1. To get started, go to https://www.networksolutions.com/domain-transfer/index.jsp
    2. Enter the domain you want to transfer in the Transfer Your Domain Name Box and click Get Started (you can enter up to 200 domain names here!)
    3. The Domain Transfer Eligibility page will confirm if your domain(s) is available for transfer
    4. If you’re transferring more than 1 domain, make sure the box next to each domain is checked and click Continue
    5. A pop-up window will appear asking you to enter the Authorization Code.  Enter the code(s) and click Continue. If you do not yet have the Authorization Code, leave the box empty and click Continue (you will have the ability to enter the code in the Account Manager after the transfer has been initiated)
    6. In the bottom left, click the blue line that says Redeem Offer Code
    7. Enter the code as noted above: PCXXX04353 (this IS case sensitive so enter it exactly as it appears) and click Continue
    8. Select the number of years you want to add to the name(s) when the transfer completes and click Secure Checkout.
    9. If you already have an existing Account with Network Solutions, log into your Account in the Existing Customers box on the right hand side of the page
    10. If you are new to Network Solutions, create and set up your Account by filling in the information on the left hand side of the page
    11. Enter your payment information and click, I agree to the Service Agreement- Continue

To complete the transfer, an email will be sent to the WHOIS Administrative Contact.  In that email, there is a secure link that he/she must click on to authorize the transfer. (The subject line of the email will be: “Please Confirm Your Domain Name Transfer”)

When the WHOIS Administrative Contact clicks on the link within the email, a page will pop up titled “Transfer Your Domain Name Registration.”  From this page, select the Authorize and Submit buttons to authorize the transfer.  Once the transfer is authorized, the transfer will complete within 5-7 days.

For more information, there’s great article outlining the process in our Support Center: http://www.networksolutions.com/support/transfer-into-network-solutions/

Get Serious About Your Business

So there you have it!  An easy step by step guide along with a great price!  This special $9.99 offer won’t last forever though.  It expires March 1, so be sure to submit your transfer request right away so you don’t miss it! Go Granny wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    • robertparish00

      If I was you I would run from network solutions. They Expire your domain without sending you an email update. Then hold your domain hostage. Dirty business.

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      please call our support team at 866-391-4357 so they can resolve the situation
      for you. Thanks for your patience . . . and thanks for being a customer!