W00t! Along with the Super Bowl Winners, Network Solutions’ Wins Big with Go Granny Social Media Campaign

by Shashi Bellamkonda on February 9, 2011


The team here has been busy  over the past few weeks with an exciting campaign. We’ve created our own parody of a competitor’s “racy” ad! Check it out for a laugh at the Network Solutions’ video site and it is also embedded into this post below for your convenience.

Thank you all for your support in watching the video and helping spread the word.  See the share button on the Network Solutions video page from AddThis that gives you stats of how many times this video was shared. This is  a nice touch and will incent subsequent visitors to do the same (tip to website owners – make your content shareable). Here is some good news from our press release:

02.08.2011 – Herndon, VA —  Network Solutions® Go Granny parody video featuring Cloris Leachman (http://networksolutions.com/video), which was launched to coincide with Super Bowl weekend, has won the public vote in the social mediasphere. Online sentiment about the Go Granny video campaign has been a whopping 97.5 percent HIGH POSITIVE,   attracting attention from social media big wigs like Guy Kawasaki, Scott Monty, Liz Strauss and Jason Falls.

“Customers, bloggers and the social media community have given Go Granny the thumbs up,” says Sanjay Gupta, Head of Marketing for Network Solutions. “We are thrilled to see a 500 percent increase in .CO domain sales and attribute much of that success to the huge splash Go Granny made in the social media channels, which was complemented by promotional pricing.”

On the Friday of Super Bowl weekend, Network Solutions launched the Go Granny video on its website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog properties, Twitter streams and in online banner ads – all this was followed by a three day social media blitz. On game day Go Granny /Cloris Leachman was celebrated as a social media sweetheart.

In a three-day span, the Go Granny video campaign received more than 18 million impressions on Twitter, and a whopping 14 million impressions on leading blogs that praised Go Granny versus Go Daddy. AdAge said, “Network Solutions’ Go Daddy Parody Surprisingly Close to Real Thing.”

Network Solutions engaged their audience on Twitter by using the @Go_Granny Twitter handle to launch a three day dialog about Go Granny’s preparations for her big game party.  “Go Granny” became a trending topic as a result of engagement with social media heavy weights and with Lisa Stone, Co-founder and CEO of BlogHer, and her massive online community of women bloggers. The BlogHer community caused a “twitter-flurry” of goodwill for @Go_Granny throughout the weekend

Read more at  Network Solutions news page

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