What is the Silver Bullet When it Comes to Marketing?

by Connie Steele on February 15, 2011


A few weeks ago I met with a friend who was looking for marketing advice for his small business.  His start-up was finding some success with pay-per-click advertising and face-to-face selling but he was looking for a way to ramp up customer adoption quickly.  “What are those things that can help me get sales instantly?” he asked.

It became clear over the course of our conversation that he was hoping for some magic bullet that could help drive traffic and subsequently sales.  However, a major misnomer when it comes to marketing is that any effort, whether it be online or offline, does not necessarily garner instant success.  Creating the right marketing execution is composed of targeting the right audience, having the right message, creative, channel and determining the right timing.  Finding the optimal mix of these various elements takes trial and error and also depends on your type of business as well as your business objectives.

While there may be instances where you are fortunate enough to achieve success on the first try, in many cases it won’t be an instant hit.  Even with large corporations, big campaigns (like the ones you see on TV) are actually tested, tweaked and refined with real consumers before they are launched.

So to sum it up, be open to trying lots of things with the expectation going in that you will have to evaluate, revise and refine what you have.  By employing this iterative process, you’ll move closer to developing solid marketing programs that will help your small business achieve its goals.

Image via Flickr by cultr.sun (Creative Commons)

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