In my earlier blog posts, I have written about using social media to promote your business. So while you are busy setting up or driving your online presence using Facebook and Twitter, it may be interesting to note that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world (behind Google).

YouTube’s not just for posting funny videos and other embarrassing moments — it can also be used as a very effective tool. And remember – it is an inexpensive way to market and promote your small business. Lots of companies are now using web videos to reach out to current and potential customers. They’re building more personal relationships with their client base and reaping the benefits of this creative indirect marketing strategy. It also differentiates you vis-à-vis your competition.

It’s not as straight-forward to promote yourself on YouTube as with other types of social media – but, done right, it can have great effect. But you will need the time and dedication to plan out the video before diving straight in there. Here are three content-related ideas to help you get started:

  1. Introduction: Use a short video to introduce your business and walk through the different products and services you offer. Take viewers on a tour of your office or store location so they feel connected with you.
  2. How-to/Quick tips: Create “how-to” videos to demonstrate how to use your products and services.
  3. Customer service tool: Answer questions related to common product and service issues. You can even use the videos on your website in the FAQ section.

The next step is to market your videos to your customers and prospects. Make sure you tag all your videos with relevant tags, and include the URLs on your website, Facebook page, and any other online or offline presence that you have.

Now you can start engaging with other companies and individuals using your YouTube video page. Do not forget to actively monitor the comments and remove the ones that are inappropriate. Keep up to date with the site changes and modifications that are happening on YouTube.

Are you are already using YouTube or plan to use it to promote your business? We would love to hear about your experience.

Image via Flickr (Creative Commons) by bizbuzzmedia

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      You are so right about the “how-to” videos on YouTube. This is a great way to build a reputation with great content and a channel. They can make a great “hook” to pull people to your webiste for more information. Put some personality into it and people will promote your videos through their social media connections.