Dealing with Google’s New Farmer Algorithm Change

by Andreea Cojocariu on March 7, 2011


Internet SignGoogle has been busy! They recently made a change that may affect you. Because Google is focused on providing quality search results, they changed their algorithm to make it more difficult for  content outlets to post low quality search engine optimized (SEO) content, which used to come up first in search results. That’s no longer the case.  Many retail sites have seen a drop in rankings. Your online store may also be affected and your rankings may drop, which could mean decreased sales. One way to prevent this from happening is to consider Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and Search Engine Optimization services.   Have you noticed a decrease in traffic or rankings?

So what does this really mean? The point of SEO is to get found online by your potential customers. Content outlets, or as Google calls them, content farms, post low quality content. This low quality content would sometimes beat out high quality optimized content. Google is leveling the field and rewarding those doing it right. Throughout this though, there may be some negative side effects on good content, good sites.  Outlets like blogs, article directories, and even shopping carts were hit.

What can you do? Well, don’t panic for starters.  Second, make sure that the content you put online really is high quality. Good online content is both SEO and customer friendly. It should be easy to read for people and search engines. It’s simple if you work with a good copywriter and SEO developer.

But if you’ve noticed that your rankings have dropped, then you might want to take a two pronged approach: Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO. PPC ads will allow you to use keywords to get front and center of your target market in searches. It’s paid so it depends on your budget.  In the meantime, work on SEO. Work with copywriters and SEO developers to develop high quality content that convinces your target market why they need your service or product.

Image via Flickr by RambergMediaImages (Creative Commons)

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