Understanding Different Websites and PayPal Payment Options

by Janet Goda on March 30, 2011


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PayPal is one of the world’s most trusted payment methods for online commerce and is also one of the most recognized Trusted Partners of Network Solutions.  If you have a website with Network Solutions, you have various PayPal payment processes to choose from depending on the needs of your business and type of website.  The two main types of Network Solutions’ websites you would be choosing from would be a website package with hosting (which comes in various sizes) or an ecommerce package with hosting.  The main difference is the website package would be what you would select if you were accepting a payment for a small quantity of goods or services, or wanted to accept donations as a charitable organization.  If you had an online store on the other hand, you would want an ecommerce site with a PayPal button.  Let’s take a closer look at what you may need.

For a website package that is selling goods or services:

If you are selling gift baskets out of your home and you want to accept online payments, you could add a PayPal BuyNow (also called PayPal Standard) button to your site to accept payments for them.  The key is each PayPal button can support one product or service.  So, if you sold 4 different types of baskets, you would have to have a PayPal BuyNow button for each product.  As a buyer, you would need to conduct a separate transaction for each basket you wanted.

For a website package that is cause or charity based that accepts donations:

If a youth group sets up a website and wishes to accept donations online, you would add the PayPal Donate Now button from the website builder tool to your site.  The cool part is it is a drag and drop functionality onto your site – very user friendly.  You do have to have a PayPal account set up to accept PayPal Standard payments (which seems pretty obvious).  It could be a personal or a merchant account if you wish to set up this transaction process.  Many people opt for this because as it stands right now you can’t attach more than one PayPal account to a single bank account.  So, many people opt to do this in lieu of setting up another bank account.  I’d also like to add that our NetSol team has been working closely with the team at PayPal to make some behind-the-scenes improvements to button design and the selection options to enhance your setup experience!  To date there are over 125,000 PayPal buttons on Network Solutions’ websites…go ahead, add one to yours today!

For an ecommerce site:

If you are setting up a robust online store with a shopping cart, you would want an ecommerce site.  In this case, PayPal is an excellent option for getting your buyers though the purchase flow, decreasing shopping cart abandonment.  According to PayPal the best option they have is to use PayPal Express checkout.  You can boost your sales by up to 18% by adding that particular PayPal payment option*.   Who wouldn’t want that!? Other options offered by Network Solutions include Payflow Pro and Payments Pro.  These are valuable since you don’t have to leave the merchant’s site to transact, which is another way to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

As partnership companies, the button enhancements and ease-of-use improvements for websites and ecommerce platforms are only the beginning of the ongoing improvements slated this year for NetSol/PayPal users.  Stay tuned for additional payment improvement updates as well as exciting mobile payment capabilities with PayPal and Network Solutions coming later this year.

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