Creative campaigns – Mac and Jinx!

by Connie Steele on April 28, 2011


I recently attended a Forrester marketing conference and had the pleasure of listening to a very cool cases study on how KRAFT leveraged social media to engage their customers more on a product we all know and love (or at least our kids love it)…Mac and Cheese.   The company has been monitoring people who have “mac and cheese” in their tweets and have created a very fun promotion out of it that capitalizes on this growing gamification (turning real-world situations into games) trend.

Here’s how it works:

Anytime two people individually include the phrase “mac & cheese” in their tweet, KRAFT will simultaneously send them a link regarding “Mac & Jinx.”  Whoever clicks on the link and gives KRAFT their contact information first, wins a t-shirt and five boxes of mac & cheese.

I thought it was such a fun and unique way to get folks to engage with your brand and product.  Certainly something to noodle over J.  You never know what valuable insight and ideas you could get by monitoring and reviewing customer comments that could turn into a compelling promotion!


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