Free Events in Washington DC to Help Grow Your Small Business

by Connie Steele on May 17, 2011


In the spirit of helping small businesses understand how to leverage the power of social media, Network Solutions® and the WomenGrowBusiness community are hosting a series of free events for women small businesses focused on social media for business. The next session will focus on content creation and optimization and takes place Thurs. May 19th from 8:30-10am in Washington D.C. and via Livestream. This is the second session in our multipart Pay it Forward Series: “Socialize” your small business.

While social media is becoming a more pervasive channel for small businesses to try to promote and engage their customers, there is still a lot of confusion and questions on how to best go using this medium. “Is Social media beneficial?”, “Where should I start”, “What do I do?” and “What’s the right approach” are common questions that arise.

With 44% of SMBs indicate they use social media whether in an adhoc/more strategic and structured way and 25% of SMBs intending to use social media in the next 12 months the stats highlight that usage of this medium is becoming mainstream. (Source: SMB Group and CRM Essentials). Being part of the social conversation with current and potential customers is now viewed as an important consideration in doing business.

To help these women small business owners understand how to develop the right content for their audience as well as how to build networks to spread what you’ve created, Network Solutions and WomenGrowBusiness will be featuring Tinu Abayomi-Paul who sits on the company’s Social Media Advisory Board. Tinu is a website promotion specialist and guides entrepreneurs and local business owners through the process of generating leads and sales for their business both on and offline.

Tinu has written several multimedia guides to Social Media Strategy, Twitter®, Digg®, StumbleUpon® and Facebook®, and has also authored one of the first ebooks on using Facebook for Business in 2007.

To register for this in person event please visit http://womengrowbiz2.eventbrite.com/. You can also view the session at our Livestream channel at www.livestream.com/networksolutions.

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