Magical Connections with the Digital Community at #Mashcon Mashable Connect 2011

by Shashi Bellamkonda on May 12, 2011


#Summermash DC @mashable event August 2010I am looking forward to representing Network Solutions at the Mashable Connect 2011 event at Walt Disney World® in Florida May 12 th to 14th. I must confess I have never been to a event at Disney World before. By the time you read this post I may already be on my way there.

According to Adam Hirsch COO of Mashable:

The event will bring together digital leaders across a variety of industries — including marketing, consumer electronics, entertainment and more — to make connections and exchange ideas around how brands, organizations and communities are connecting through social and digital tools, and innovation. The agenda is very interesting http://mashable.com/connect/agenda/ and I hope to be able to report back some of the learning.

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of my peers- a few names that come to mind are Rohit Bhargava whose keynote topic sounds very intriguing “Likeonomics: How to Survive the Modern Believability Crisis”, Betsy Weber of TechSmith makers of Snagit, Dave Peck, Social Media Strategist at Meshin, Christina Warren @film_girl, and Brian Dresher Mashable’s Director of Business Development and good buddy. I am sure I am going to be meeting and reconnecting with several other friends and fellow attendees. Having attended several Mashable events I am certain that there will be surprises in store (pleasant of course)! Mashable connect is also using Pathable for the attendees to talk to each other and connect even before the conference which is a great way to converse with fellow attendees early on. GroupMe is another tool that is being used for attendees unofficially to connect.

If you are reading this and attending Mashable Connect hope you will say “Hi”.

After Mashable Connect the Network Solutions’ team is looking forward to Blog World Expo in New York on May 24th to 26th.

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