Network Solutions MyTime Takes Care of Online Technical Tasks for Customers

by Shashi Bellamkonda on May 13, 2011


Small business owners often lack time and would welcome extra help to set up their service or configure it to their needs. Network Solutions, already known for delivering an outstanding customer experience as recognized, now offers an extension of this already robust assistance.

MyTime Support™ is supplied by Network Solutions Customer Service Team. This new service allows customers to get the most out of their Network Solutions online services with personal assistance to guide them through specific tasks and questions. It is geared towards customers of Network Solutions’ do-it-yourself products who are less technical and prefer extra help to set up their service or configure it to their needs.

Through MyTime Support, customers can choose to set up an appointment with a customer service representative to guide them through answers to their questions and recommend or provide a walkthrough of tools and services. Those customers who are short on time can choose to submit a request to have specific tasks related to their online services completed without taking up their own time.

Network Solutions Hosting, Website, Email, Ecommerce, Mobile, and Online Marketing Services are all covered within MyTime Support. Sometimes a little extra time goes a long way. MyTime Support is a dedicated time set aside for customers regardless if the need is for a detailed explanation, a remote walk-through or even someone else to complete the tasks. Learn more at http://www.networksolutions.com/mytime-support/index.jsp.

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