Add a New .COnnection to your Web Presence

by Sangeetha Narasimhan on June 9, 2011


Have you registered your .CO domain? You had better hurry if you want to get your ideal .CO domain name.  Why the rush? Did you know that it’s been less than a year since the .CO Registry launched the .CO domain name and already 1 million .CO domains have been registered!


If you’re thinking, why would I need to get a .CO domain when I already have another domain for my business or personal use? Couple of benefits to getting a .CO domain name – This domain extension is easy to remember and flexible to use; .CO gives businesses and brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint; and the .CO domain is the perfect platform for today’s socially networked individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to create .COmmunities, share .COntent, and .COnnect, .COmmunicate and .Collaborate!

Get the Domain name you always wanted

Most importantly, you can now get the name of your website, business or brand based on what you really want – not just what’s left over and possibly a shorter character length for your domain name than what you would typically get with other popular domain extensions. Recently, one of our customers Amazon.com has picked up some fun short domains to help promote its services – a.co, k.co and z.co domains, along with the cloud.co web address.  Our social media swami got the domain name he wanted at http://shashi.co. Twitter uses http://t.co  for providing short urls for Twitter users.

Forward your domain to build another traffic highway to your website

You can drive visitors to your site by getting a name that is relevant to individuals, businesses and organizations and is meaningful, memorable and intuitive for people to use around the world. With our Web Forwarding service, you can redirect all your traffic to your main Web site. In addition, Network Solutions offers extra protections for those who register a .CO domain name via its Private Registration service.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your .CO domain name before someone else does!

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