Discussing Small Business Technology and Trends at BlogWorld Expo New York 2011

by Shashi Bellamkonda on June 28, 2011



This year is going to be about mobile and location based services. While the top 15% or so early adopters are already using these services many a small business with little time on their hands to experiment and try new solutions needs a forum like BlogWorld Expo2011 New York. At BlogWorld there were several sessions on mobile marketing, advertising and publishing.

In this interview I shared thoughts on

a) Mobile adoption to increase

b) Content writing for the new web and challenges of writing in 140 characters

c) Matching your message to your customer’s perception of your brand

d) Communication should move from being reactive to proactive in the social media

e) 3 trends in social media – content creation vs. curation, social validation trumps advertising, changing your customers into your brand evangelists and ambassadors

The video was produced for BlogWorld New Media Expo by creativevideo.org. This year Network Solutions announced the launch of a series of mobile products for small business at BlogWorld. The next BlogWorld & New Media Expo is in L.A. Nov. 3–5, 2011

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