Last week I attended a very informative panel at BlogWorld Expo New York by Webtrends’ Product Manager of Social, Justin Kistner. Justin walked the audience through the apparently simple creation of custom landing tabs that work with iFrames for Facebook, making us all wonder why we waited so long to dive in! This is how you can take/copy any page or post from your website and make it a tab on your Facebook page:

Here’s a few simple steps -

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/developers/ and click on “Set Up New App” in the top right corner
  • Create a name for your app and you best agree to Facebook’s TOS!
  • It will default to the About page, leave as is and click on the Facebook Integration tab
  • Choose your Tab Name (how it will appear on your Facebook page to visitors)
  • Enter in the URL that you wish the tab to display
  • Save your changes and it’s done!


Once you do this you will notice that you have a large web page in a small space – and visitors will have to use the scroll bars left and right to see the whole page. This is where working with WordPress plays in your favor. You’ll now need to download this WP Plugin: Facebook Tab Manager. Once installed you’ll have a menu option that you are very familiar with – it’s just like creating a new page for your website/blog or a new post. You can take/copy content from your existing pages or create an entirely new one and it will live on your site – just not visible to the public. From your WP dashboard you can manage these Facebook Tab Pages, add, edit, and delete as needed and it will update right on your Facebook page. The other advantage here is that this plugin will format your page to fit within the frame of the Facebook page without any need for scrolling, making it a much prettier sight!

Don’t forget to set this tab as your default landing page if you want it to be the first thing new visitors (who are not yet fans) see when you find your page on Facebook. This is as simple as going to Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Changing Default Landing Tab to choose the name of your new custom tab.

The difference with this method and some other is firstly it’s very simple, but also it keeps the visitor within your Facebook page and not off to a different URL as some other apps do. Keeping them within the frame of your Facebook page will hopefully keep visitors engaged for longer and perhaps Like it too.

Et viola! If you run into any problem or have additional questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you promptly.

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    • http://twitter.com/allyson_wilson Allyson Finch Wilson

      @dceventjunkie, thx 4 posting the J. Kistner recap on #FB iFrames. I was there too!  Bummed I didn’t see u. How do I Iink the new app to a brand page?

    • Lisa Byrne

      Sorry for my delay Allyson! Once you have made the app it has it’s own app page, from the app page you can click on “add to my page”. Make sense? -Lisa

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      Sorry for the delay, this ended up in spam. So if you go to Edit Page and Manage Permissions, then about the 5th line down says: Default Landing Tab with a drop down menu to choose whichever you like. – Lisa

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      Oh bummed! Sorry for my delay Allyson! Once you have made the app it has it’s own app page, from the app page you can choose to “add to my page” the same way you add any existing app. Make sense? – Lisa

    • Jeffrey Crews

      Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

    • http://www.casagli.com Alessandro Casagli

      fantastic way to have your own customized facebook fan page landing tab. Thanks!

    • http://www.casagli.com Alessandro Casagli

      fantastic way to have your own customized facebook fan page landing tab. Thanks!

    • http://twitter.com/muachunggiare1 muachunggiare

      Ok, I have my “before” and “after” pages created. The “before” liking
      page invites new visitors to like so that they can receive a coupon. I
      don’t know how to embed the the link to actually bring them to the
      coupon after they “like”. Help? 

    • http://twitter.com/saigontechforum saigontechforum

      To have your Welcome page be the first page new users see, log in to
      Facebook and navigate to your business page then follow these steps:
      1. Click the Edit Page button in the top right corner. Your business
      Page’s dashboard appears and is already on the “Manage Permissions” tab.
      2. Find the Default Landing Tab drop-down menu. This is where you choose the tab new visitors will see.
      3. Click the drop-down menu and choose the tab you want new visitors to see when they come to your page.
      4. Click the Save Changes button.

      Remember, only NEW visitors or those who haven’t LIKED your Page yet
      will see this tab first. Everyone who has Liked your Page will
      automatically go to the Wall after they Like the Page. However, visitors
      who Like your Page can also see your custom Welcome tab by using the
      left navigation menu on your Page.
      chest coach

    • http://twitter.com/jerrykhang khang dang

      Hi, I followed your instructions and created a great landing page.
      However, when I set the permission to set my welcome as my default page,
      it is not working. I sign out and log on and I come back to the wall.
      Any suggestions?

      THanks in advance!
      x elerated reviewthe cute kid

    • http://www.networksolutions.com/small-business/getting-online.jsp Network Solutions

      Oh, got it! YOU will always see your wall because you already like the page. Have a friend who’s not yet a fan test it for you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jameswmccormack James W. McCormack

      I don’t see the Default Landing Page option or drop down box under the Manage Permission tab either.  It isn’t there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brittany.pedersen1 Brittany Pedersen

      This is magnificent!  I was slogging away yesterday trying to figure this out, and it was really crushing me.  Ran across your article today and viola!  Problem solved.  Thanks Lisa.  :)