Pay it Forward by Socializing Your Small Business

by Connie Steele on June 3, 2011


WGBPayit4wd June event

Yesterday we, along with our Women Grow Business community hosted our third and last event in our Pay it Forward series around “Socializing Your Small Business”. Our featured speaker Priya Ramesh focused on how to promote and track your social content outside of just posting your information to twitter or facebook.   It was a really fun, interactive and informative session and I got the opportunity to meet some amazing local women small businesses.

Here are some key insights that Priya provided that I wanted to share:

Top Content Sharing Sites

Digg http://www.digg.com

Delicious http://www.delicious.com

StumbleUpon http://www.stumbleupon.com

Reddit http://www.reddit.com

Technorati http://www.technorati.com/

SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/


Content Marketing Metrics


•How many visitors?

•How many unique visitors?



•How much time do visitors spend with content?

•Do they share content?

•Do they subscribe to your content?

•Do they take next action to your content?



•Online sentiment



•What sales was generated through content?

•Has content marketing improved conversion rate?


For me being somewhat new to social media, I learned a tremendous amount with respect to where to promote what I write because quite honestly that was somewhat of a black box to me.   I’m sure many of you still feel it’s quite nebulous as well and frankly you are not alone.

For additional tips and insights from our Pay it Forward series, use the hashtag #wgbpayit4wd to sift through the twitter posts and if there are any other topics you would like us to review in the future let us know!



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