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Foursquare is a social network that you can use from your mobile phone to check-in to a business and let people know you are there. Now I bet I lost you there and you are puzzled about the value of this.

This discussion at the ReadWriteWeb conference in New York would have put your puzzles and fears to rest. Foursquare is now about exploring, finding new secret, hidden places that other Foursquare users have found. Reading the tips and exploring places in your city.

Brands should not think about Foursquare for impressions and think more about engagement. They are bullish about their database which is curated by the users and has rich content full for other developers to use.


Pull the tips about the business into your website or pull the check-ins flow into a stream on your website

There is a political test at Foursquare with many of the contenders for 2012 joining Foursquare.

Are you on Foursquare? How have you been using it for business or for checkins?

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