ReadWriteWeb 2way: W3C Moving to a New Web of Interoperability

by Shashi Bellamkonda on June 14, 2011


Dr Jeff Jaffie CEO of W3c at #rww2way

This morning Jeff Jaffe, CEO of W3C – a consortium established to set and develop web standards – spoke to the attendees of the RWW 2 Way conference in NYC. Here are some top highlights from his talk that was themed “Build a shared future one standard at a time” -

  • The web as we see it is going to change
  • HTML5 is in a “last call stage” i.e time for public comments. All major platform and device developers are implementing HTML5 including Apple and Microsoft. HTML5 will help users see content the same way no matter device they are on and the web will adjust to your bandwidth automatically
  • Video is a first class citizen in W3C standards. The future is in devices having open standards and becoming easier to use. As @rww tweeted “video as a first class citizen means no plugins, better performance, chip set optimization Jeff Jaffe @w3c #rww2way via @rhops
  • Device Apis will be critical for interconnectivity to the web
  • Good bye TV and hello multiple-platform and multiple-media delivery and interaction
  • Next W3C will set standards for the auto industry. Ability for cars to interact with the web and present information to the devices within the cars

Jeff Jaffe mentioned the importance of privacy and tracking on the web and the work of W3C will be important. He also mentioned that the membership of W3C is growing. Semi-conductor, silicon manufacturers, and device manufacturers are also joining to manufacturing in advance of technology changes.

More info on Dr Jeff Jaffe: http://www.w3.org/People/Jeff/

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