6 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Video Marketing

by Monika Jansen on July 18, 2011



Video marketing is a great way to engage your target market, especially on social media channels.

Figure out your goals

Before you start on any project, but most especially any marketing-related project, you need to know what you hope to achieve.  Do you want to increase lead generation overall or for specific target markets only?  Do you want to increase brand awareness?  Position yourself as a thought leader?  A combination of all of the above?

Ask social people to go on camera

The smartest person at your business (and it could be you) may not be the best person to go on camera.  It’s really easy to freeze up when the camera starts rolling.  Only ask the most social people to appear in your videos; they need to act naturally in front of the camera and be able to speak clearly and authoritatively.  If everyone is stiff as a board, your videos will be uncomfortable to watch.

Ask customers and vendors to participate

Start asking customers and vendors if they’d like to take part in your video marketing project.  They’ll probably say yes because they’ll be so flattered.  They are another great distribution channel, as they’ll surely share the video(s) with everyone they know.

Choose your camera and post-production tools

Your camera has to record high-quality video.  In other words, I wouldn’t use the one in your iPhone.  Buy a real camera.  Also, choose your video editing software carefully.  Here’s a side-by-side comparison of 10 products, but basically you want to look for something that’s easy to use and that you can add special effects, audio, and text to, and easily publish. If all of that sounds like too much work, look around for a good videographer who is experienced working with businesses.  Ask for referrals via LinkedIn and at networking events.

Figure out a production plan

Choose one day, get everyone together, and shoot all the videos you need at once.  They can be a mix of interviews, talking heads, product information and how-tos, and funny ones (flash mobs, anyone?).

Put together a distribution strategy

How often will you share videos – once or twice a week, every other week?

  • Where will you share it – YouTube, your website, social networks?
  • Can you remix videos and footage to create news videos?
  • Will you embed the videos in presentations?
Image via Flickr (creative commons) by Annafur
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