Curious about Going Mobile? Check out Small Business Roundtable this Thursday

by Network Solutions on July 13, 2011


Are you curious about going mobile? We’ve got answers! We’re very excited that Navin Ganeshan, our chief product strategist, and blogger here at Solutions Are Power, will be a guest on Small Business Roundtable this Thursday at 1 pm EST. We’d like to invite you to listen live.

Navin will discuss how you can take your small business into the world of mobile. Mobile internet usage grew to 120 million in just three years, so odds are, your customers are there. Furthermore, these mobile users are ready to engage, as 82% of local searches result in a call, visit or sale.

Small Business Roundtable is a weekly syndicated TV/radio program hosted by small business expert, John Martin. With the goal of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow and succeed, John offers insightful interviews from the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners, who share the key factors of their successes and the pitfalls to avoid.

To find out more about how you can leverage mobile marketing for your small business, tune in on Thursday at 1 pm EST. Just click “Listen Live!” on the SBR website: http://johnmartinsbr.com/

If you’re looking for some tips right now on how to use mobile marketing, you can check out our recorded Livestream “Mobile Marketing: Fact v. Fiction” and download our eGuide.

Image courtesy of John Martin, Small Business Roundtable

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