Suzanne Kleinwaks Design is a Washington, DC-based graphic design consultancy specializing in developing branding programs, websites, and print collateral for national and international organizations. Freelancing since 2008, Suzanne took a leap that many entrepreneurs fear the most and committed to her endeavor full-time — creating Suzanne Kleinwaks Design this past April. Suzanne feels that strategy and creative process are a crucial part of ensuring a successful visual identity,  and works closely with clients / creative teams to ensure that their brand and its support materials truly embrace the core of their organization or product. The majority of  her work is for non-profits, education, and the public health realm.

Share with us why you started this company/venture – your inspiration or passion?

Suzanne: I was in a job that wasn’t the right fit for me. In contemplating ‘What next?’ I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own business. I have no regrets and enjoy the challenge everyday.

What’s been your greatest struggle?

Suzanne: Being patient. Entrepreneur work ebbs and flows. You can be swamped one minute and twiddling your thumbs the next!

What was your greatest triumph or achievement to date?

Suzanne: My Hannukah stamp design for United States Postal Service that will be issued nationwide, October 14, 2011: http://www.beyondtheperf.com/stamp-releases/hanukkah-1.

Did you have a mentor or another company/brand that inspired you?

Suzanne: Ethel Kessler of Kessler Design Group. I worked for Kessler for 4.5 years as her Senior Designer. Her guidance has given me the knowledge and confidence to take the leap on my own. She’s an incredible designer that has (and continues to) inspire me.

If you could offer one piece of advice to other budding entrepreneurs…

Suzanne: Network, network, network. You never know who you are going to meet and what could ultimately become a great business opportunity.

Connect with Suzanne on Twitter @suzannek_design and find our more about their company on Facebook or their website.

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