Optimist Opportunity Knocks in New Jersey for Small Businesses

by Janet Goda on July 8, 2011



Opportunity will be knocking in New Jersey next week for Small Business Owners…are you ready? The event is sponsored by Cablevision’s Optimum Business and is designed to help small businesses reduce costs, increase sales and network with other small business owners in New Jersey.  The event will feature a keynote by Jim Blasingame, radio host and the world’s foremost expert on small business.  He will provide tips on how to compete effectively in the “Age of the Customer”, courtesy of Bloomberg Television.   I am looking forward to attending this event, hearing this keynote and meeting attendees!  Network Solutions has developed an exclusive business bundle offer for Optimum Business Benefit members to help them establish their web presence.  We also have special offers for our online marketing tools to help small businesses increase traffic to their existing website.

The breakfast event is free – which is fantastic as free events are not a regular occurrence these days – and is being held on Tuesday July 12, from 7:30-10am at the Park Ridge Marriott in New Jersey.  Visit OptimistEvent.com for your ticket to help your business thrive!

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